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Moving Boundaries needs funding in order to support its ongoing success and growth.  Funds raised will go directly towards the following items:

  • Develop a full range of initiatives aligned with our Mission, along three lines of emphasis: Education, Practice and Advocacy

  • Establish a fund for future courses and workshops in diverse communities that have little access to this knowledge 

  • Establish a scholarship fund for students who cannot afford tuition

  • Support young architects, designers, urban planners, historians and scientists in Spain and Portugal, allowing them access to this new exciting field and the global network of educators and practitioners; support rich cultural heritage of Galicia, Spain, Porto and Minho Region, Portugal   

  • Create publications summarizing results of this work

  • Allow the program to provide guided bus tours in two course locations 

  • Develop and maintain the website, providing information and resources to educators and students online 

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